Hospitality Law Lab

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Knowledge sharing in Legal and Tax Real Estate.

Hospitality Law Lab shares the skills and experience of its tax and legal Real Estate and Hospitality experts which are part of Italian leading law firms.

About us


University professors, lawyers, legal and tax consultants, come together out of passion and expertise in various legal and fiscal aspects of the new Real Estate and Hospitality industry.

A team of leading legal and tax consultants in Real Estate and Hospitality law, who share the outcomes of their expertise and professional experiences to provide information and consultancy across all areas of the increasingly specialized legal landscape of this field.


Hospitality Law Lab’s primary purpose is to promote accurate information  to players in the Real Estate and Hospitality Industry concerning Italian and European legal and fiscal regulation. Furthermore, it promotes the adoption of quality market models and best practices so as to facilitate Companies ordinary and extraordinary activities. It also offers support to Authorities in charge for decisions in Courts or assessment by tax and other public authorities. 


I nostri professionisti svolgono sia singolarmente sia sfruttando le sinergie del team specifici approfondimenti ritagliati sulle esigenze delle diverse tipologie di player: enti pubblici, soggetti corporate e, occasionalmente per progetti pilota o per scelte di service pro bono, persone fisiche.