Hospitality Law Lab’s primary purpose is to promote accurate information and consultancy to players in the Real Estate and Hospitality Industry concerning Italian legal and fiscal regulation.

Furthermore, it promotes the adoption of quality market models and best practices so as to facilitate Companies ordinary and extraordinary activities.

It also offers support to Authorities in charge for decisions in Courts or assessment by tax and other public authorities. 

Moreover, the Professionals at Hospitality Law Lab, individually or collaboratively, provide support in drafting new regulations within the Industry.

Hospitality Law Lab also promotes the growth of its Partners and the optimal performance of their professional activities through continuous mutual sharing of insights and experiences. This ensures that each partner is consistently capable of easily providing their clients with top-quality consultancy across all areas of the increasingly specialized legal landscape of this field.

Hospitality Law Lab also encourages the participation of its Partners as speakers in any academic initiatives, as well as in conferences or business events addressed to Real Estate and Hospitality players, associations and organizations. Upon request, Hospitality Law Lab is also available for tailor-made initiatives for companies, public entities, or trade associations.

Primarily aimed at corporate Italian and foreign operators, as well as Italian public and local entities, Hospitality Law Lab’s activities also extend to associations and individuals. All domestic and international players in the Hospitality industry can thus find insights and clarifications about the most relevant topics through the studies and experience of each Partner of the Academy. Anybody can also address any query, confidentially, just writing to Hospitality Law Lab e-mail address.